Comparative summary of the voice of the verb, structures of news leads between American English and Philippine English. Also, it has been found out that there is no significant difference between American news and Philippine English news, ... Also, it has been found out that there is no significant difference between American news and Philippine English news [11]. American. I show first that Kaplan (1966), correctly identifies an alien organizational schema for Orientals. the event was not placed in the summary lead (see example 20). Contrastive rhetoric in world Englishes. For example, a comma almost never precedes the final item in an enumeration (much like the AP Stylebook and other style guides in English-language journalism generally). textbooks list 17 types of lead, namely, summary lead, punch, picture, contrast, question. the “forces of evil” that they shall “carry their own coffins” if the, A suicide bomber detonated a powerful explosive on a, police in front of the Damascus gate entrance to Jerusalem’s historic old, Time element between the appositive of the subject and the verb, Christian leaders, stunned by two deadly attacks by Muslim, Thousands of immigrants have been forced to leave their jobs. British vs American Words! This was done in order to examine which of the two Englishes have longer or. Of the seven placements of the time element, in the American sample, four of these were similarly found in the Philippine sample: after the, preposition, after the infinitive phrase, first element, and after the verb. Summary of the types of news leads, to Philippine newspapers which use only two types. Table 4. elements are what the readers want to look for in a lead. Extracts (1) and (2) exemplify the summary lead. This paper presents an analysis of Japanese rhetorical organization. (1991). Another study worth conducting will be a. comparison between news leads in the two Englishes and those in Filipino. were all used as first elements in summary leads. Over the years, English spoken in the United States and in Britain started diverging from each other in various aspects. First element of multiple-element lead combinations in summary lead. the propagation process. which also include 17 kinds of leads as follows: cartridge, punch, picture, contrast, question. controversial purchased power adjustment (PPA) in electricity bills. It does not contain unacceptable actions,words, etc. In this study, only three of the six, positions were found in the American sample: after the verb, between the subject and the. The aim of the paper is to critique the success and failure of each method and see how contrastive studies help us understand the differences between writing styles in different languages, and how they are relevant to ESL education. To the surprise of many first-time travellers to the Philippines, English is widely spoken in the country.In fact, alongside Tagalog, it is the official language of the country.It has, however, its own variant of English, containing several English words and phrases that are used and understood differently than in other English-speaking countries. In a similar vein, Philippine newspapers used a lead type that was not found in the. One of the other peculiarities of Filipino English (from an American viewpoint) is that in some cases the same phrase can have an opposite meaning. Examples and Observations: "American English is, without doubt, the most influential and powerful variety of English in the world today. and Anderson, 2000; Warren, 1951; Agee, Ault and Emcry, 1983; Sebastian, 1994; Malinao, 1997; Ramirez, 1989). In the concluding section, some implications to ESL teaching are outlined. To set a tertium comparationis to examine the genre-newspaper commentaries on the papal visit, the timeframe was set during the two-week duration of the visit. Yet, though these may be taken as wordy or circular by native speakers, other Filipino personnel find the emails and the mission/vision more distinct, more understandable and more direct to the point as compared to the emails and the mission/vision of the Filipino-American personnel. Nov 7, 2014 - FILIPINO ENGLISH vs. AMERICAN ENGLISH - English is the language of business worldwide, but there are variations from country to country. Mediated discourse as social interaction: A study of news discourse. Fake news deliberately beguiles its consumers to accept false or biased ideologies. Nos partenaires et nous-mêmes stockerons et/ou utiliserons des informations concernant votre appareil, par l’intermédiaire de cookies et de technologies similaires, afin d’afficher des annonces et des contenus personnalisés, de mesurer les audiences et les contenus, d’obtenir des informations sur les audiences et à des fins de développement de produit. Potential problems for ESL learners are ‘ten’, since it introduces information considered irrelevant by Western audiences, and ‘ketsu’ since it is defined differently in Japanese than conclusion is in English. Generic variability in news stories in Chinese and English: A, ... Albeit the limitation, this study remains significant as most print media such as newspapers and magazines in the Philippines are predominantly in English [10]. Thus the optical activity of the etalon may affect its precision as an optical element. As English becomes the medium for a global language, there's a need to recognize the differences between the usage of English among different people groups. The paper studies multibeam interference in the case of multiple reflection of an electromagnetic wave (EMW) from a plane-parallel, isotropic, optically active and non-absorbing plate (Fabry-Perot etalon). Undaunted by criticism, President Arroyo vowed yesterday to, pursue her practice of parading arrested crime suspects in public in a bid, Thousands of immigrants have been forced to leave their jobs in. Both had a similar preference for the positioning of, the voice of verbs used, similar patterns were observed in that American and Philippine. Further, caution must be exercised in drawing higher level inferences about linguistic, cognitive, or social practices when such generic control is absent. Furthermore, this thesis exhibits how legitimate and fake news in the Philippines can be differentiated just by their headline or content at a precision of 87% and 88%, respectively. contrasting patterns that differentiate American news leads from Philippine news leads. Physical comparison of the number of words in news leads. meant to give the readers the main idea of the news account. There are slight differences in words in the U.S. and the Philippines. Comparative summary of the positions of time element in news leads, than the passive voice in news leads. The study examined the emails of a Filipino and a Filipino-American personnel sent to the company's email bank in order to see differences in hyper codification and contextual differences of the text structures. (, (2) Two of the biggest business groups in the country have, railed behind the Philippine National Police, effort which in the past days has reaped what President Arroyo, described as “a bountiful harvest” of busted criminal gaug, According to Itule and Anderson (2000), the major points are given in the news leads because, people who spend little time in news and do not read the whole story expect to find the most. This paper presents an analysis of American and Philippine English news leads. networks. © 2008-2021 ResearchGate GmbH. Despite this difference, news leads in the, two varieties of English shared similar patterns. A recurrent problem in contrastive studies of texts is to determine how much variation between one text and another is sufficient to determine that the two are different texts. This unidentified lead (it did not fit in any of the described types. Two types of vortices are considered: homentropic, when the entropy is uniformly distributed in space, and non-homentropic, or entropy stratified, when it is distributed non-uniformly. While Filipinos generally regard American English conventions and rules as their frame of reference for “correct” English, who’s to say the way(s) we use English isn’t (also) correct? appositive of a subject and a verb, after an infinitive phrase, in the first part, after an object of. and observations. The two showed a similarity, however, in the use. The best feature set was consistent across all experiments and attained a precision of 94% on both the feature selection process and the test set of the final model. It defies the definition of a, summary lead in that it does not only provide the gist of the story but supplies the minor, details of the news account. Yahoo fait partie de Verizon Media. JSME International Journal. The main advantage of this approach is its ability to unify treatments of both observations and interventions through To investigate the micro-genres employed by the writers, two sets of 15 newspaper commentaries on the visit respectively in the Philippines and Sri Lanka were selected and analyzed. Computing the Linguistic-Based Cues of Fake News in the Philippines Towards its Detection, A Contrastive Rhetorical Analysis of Philippine and Sri Lankan English News Commentaries, Differences between Filipino and Filipino-American's written outputs: A contrastive rhetoric of professional discourse, Physical and Topical Structure Analysis of Professional Writing in Inner, Outer, and Expanding Circles of English, Computing the Linguistic-Based Cues of Credible and Not Credible News in the Philippines Towards Fake News Detection, Linguistic research in the Philippines: Trends, prospects, & challenges, Bibliographical resources for researching English in the Philippines, Contrastive Rhetoric Analysis of Newspaper Commentaries on the 2015 Papal Visit in the Philippines and Sri Lanka, Contrastive Rhetoric: Cross-Cultural Aspects of Second-Language Writing, Contrastive Rhetoric: Japanese and English. by millions of people could shed light on cross-cultural influences interwoven in the fabric of, writing norms practiced by a certain group of people. This paper presents an analysis of American and Philippine English news leads. Comparative summary of the voice of the verb, All figure content in this area was uploaded by Leah Gustilo, All content in this area was uploaded by Leah Gustilo on Nov 21, 2016, linguistic and structural units aimed at produc, Noor. This page is intended as a guide only. combinations, while the Philippine sample had seven. The most notable pattern is a. shows that the preferred structure of news leads in both Englishes is the summary lead. Therefore, rhetoric is malleabl, many of which are closely interwoven in the cu, linguistic and rhetorical patterns in discourse, (Kachru, 1995). Do American and British English have significant differences or are these slight accent problems? Contrastive rhetoric in expository prose: Approaches and achievements, Mediated Discourse and Social Interaction, Writing across Languages and Cultures: Issues in Contrastive Rhetoric, Genre analysis: English in academic and research Settings, Generic variability in news stories in Chinese and English: A contrastive discourse study of five days' newspapers, News Writing and Reporting for Today's Media, This is a part of my doctoral dissertation, Quantitative Possibilistic Networks : Handling Interventions and Ascribing Causality, On Instability of Acoustic Waves Propagating in Stratified Vortical Flows, Time behaviour of the error when simulating finite-band periodic waves. Standard English or American Stan-dard English because the English that exists in such places as Africa, Asia, the West Indies, the Philippines and Sin-gapore is not . The current study aims to contribute to genre-specific studies by dealing with the letters to the editor of an international magazine. Causality notion in the possibilistic framework has not been widely studied, despite its importance in context of poor or The instructors of them are almost serving students of the University of the Philippines. Due to the gyrotropy of the plate at large angles of incidence the interference bands split. The English language was first introduced to the Americas by British colonisation, beginning in the late 16th and early 17th centuries.The language also spread to numerous other parts of the world as a result of British trade and colonisation and the spread of the former British Empire, which, by 1921, included about 470–570 million people, about a quarter of the world's population. Today many, Philippine writers have achieved maturity in writing in English, but it seems that the tendency, to look up to American English as the standard still exists. field, which is caused by entropy-rotational waves excited in the vortex region by incident sound waves. In his study, Scollon identified g, found in the stories that had appeared in the, important part of the news story because i, story. Most of these American English news leads are found in Philippine textbooks. Findings revealed that both Filipino and Sinhalese writers in English newspaper commentaries tended to employ the micro-genre of “media explanatory exposition” more often than other micro-genres, and in terms of rhetorical structures, both of these writers tended to show variation, dynamism, and individuality. It serves as a, ‘catchy’ introduction to the summary lead whi, serves as an interesting introduction to the second paragraph containing the summary of the, and American news writers have a similar preference for the summary lead, a direct. The recurrent patterns of similarities may be attributed to the tendency of Philippine writers to adhere to the expectations of international journalism as propagated by European and American journalists or as a trace of American influence in the Philippine educational system. It is suggested, that more inquiry be done to verify these findings using larger data. "What the heck, are Americans even speaking English?" Moreover, both samples demonstrate similar preference for summary lead with who, what, and when as the most frequently used elements and who as the heavily used starting element. The. This paper presents the disparity in writing style between legitimate news and fake news in the Philippines, and how effective these are as machine learning features. Second, American news leads use special leads, a feature that is not shared by Philippine news leads. In every region in the world that speaks English, you’ll notice unique slang and quirky usage. Findings show that both Filipino and Sinhalese writers in English newspaper commentaries tended to employ the micro-genre of ‘media explanatory exposition’ more often than other micro-genres, and in terms of rhetorical structures, both of these writers tended to show variation, diversity, dynamism, and individuality. In the last example, the time element is situated at, the end. There is only one instance of passive use in each group. I’m guessing you mean the difference between American English and Philippine English, rather than between American English and Filipino (which is basically Tagalog, one of the local Austronesian languages). Moreover, the similarities may be attributed to the fact, that Filipinos were taught the English language by the Americans and the indelible vestiges, of the American influence in our Philippine educational system are still with us. American sample did not have similar placements in the Philippine sample and vice versa. 8 Instances of Filipino English vs. American English In every region in the world that speaks English, you’ll notice unique slang and quirky usage. The, physical analysis of the number of words failed to establish contrasting difference between, the two samples as the differences in figures did not appear to be significant. Illocutionary acts across languages: Editorializing in Egyptian, SCOLLON, R. (2000). This chapter investigates the grammatical features of Philippine English. 2001). Assailants hurled grenades at worshippers leaving a hospital, chapel yesterday, killing three Pakistani women and reinforcing fears, that Islamic militants are targeting Christians in Pakistan in retaliation, Two of the biggest business groups in the country have rallied, behind the Philippine National Police’s anti, WorldCom Inc.’s internal auditors have uncovered an additional, $3.8 billion in improper accounting, deepening the company’s already, severe financial crisis and doubling the amount of its known accounting. This paper categorizes these methods in six different groups based on their approaches. It also attained a precision of 93% on a more recent data collected, which was not part of the initial corpus constructed. There was a, point in the history of Philippine-American relations that Filipino writers in blind imitation, followed the structures and forms dictated by the Americans (Hosillos, 1968). explain why the inclusion of these properties of conservation provides a better error propagation. As can be seen, American news leads that included, occurrences out of 21) placed it in eight different positions, in contrast to the Philippine, sample (10 occurrences) which had six positions. Both in the reflected and in the transmitted beams a polarization perpendicular to the polarization of the incident EMW appears (whose intensity is up to several tens of per cent of the incident beam intensity). writers preferred the active voice of the verb in constructing news leads. . Here are a few of the differences I've observed in the last few weeks between Filipino English and American English. Join ResearchGate to find the people and research you need to help your work. The different spellings of a words are highlighted throughout the course, and you can choose whether you would prefer to take a British English or an American English version of a test. contrastive discourse study of five days’ newspapers. ‘catchy’ punch lead which is meant to arouse the reader’s interest. The result indicated that the Filipino personnel's emails, which contain the mission/vision of the company, contain more vivacity, dynamism, life, and contextual features. Previous studies in this area have reported some differences in the organizational patterns of English and Arabic texts (Mohamed & Omer, 2000), English and Filipino news lead. Exiled communist, The senate brawl is far from over. Certain countries may have more people who speak British English, for example, but if American English is taught in schools, then that country would be red, and vice versa. ” in the Oxford English Dictionary.The most recent update, released this month, includes 1,400 entries that hold novel lessons, exemplified by the Philippine English words. Research on cross-cultural news writing, According to Scollon (1998), “with the ev, television in the internet, we seem to be com, possible languages…” (p.14). a participle, and after the verb of attribution, as seen in excerpts (16) to (20). I then show that his classification Oriental has both merits and demerits. These include differences in voicing, such as the p and b sounds, k and g sounds, and s and z sounds. Twenty-five years of contrastive rhetoric: Text analysis and writing. The case of the KdV equation. Comparative summary of the positions of time element in news leads, . It is shown that the preservation, through numerical time integration, of conserved quantities of the periodic problem of the equation, may be an element to take into account in the selection of the numerical method. English. second emphasis may reflect the uniqueness of writing in Philippine English. To capacitate this, credible news samples, as well as fake news samples in the Philippines were harvested online. Series B, v.45, n.1, 2002, p.79-84. View the key for Philippine English here.. Fireworks are expected to, Of the six important elements that could be placed in a summary lead, the news, The Pasig City Regional Trial Court tossed to the Supreme Court, yesterday the decision on whether the public should continue paying the. Following Lautamatti (1987) and Simpson (2000), 39 one-paragraph letters from the Inner, Outer, and Expanding circles of English were investigated as to their physical and topical structure features. Philippine English (similar and related to American English) is any variety of English native to the Philippines, including those used by the media and the vast majority of educated Filipinos. This study found that American English used more multiple-element lead, combinations than Philippine English did. Second, they can stimulate students to formulate unique structures characteristic of mature, Filipino writers who can bring something new out of their assimilated foreign influences. The goal of this investigation was to use commercial elements and extend the correction to a 1/e(sup 2) diameter of 3 mm over long propagation distances. The best feature set was consistent across all experiments and attained a precision of 94% on both the feature selection process and the test set of the final model. The lead shows a change if decision on the part of the Chiefs of Staff by contrasting. NOOR, R. (2001). Informations sur votre appareil et sur votre connexion Internet, y compris votre adresse IP, Navigation et recherche lors de l’utilisation des sites Web et applications Verizon Media. more parcimonious inference process (comparing to the possibilistic model based on System P) that both accepts interventions EnglishClub: Learn English: Vocabulary: Reference: British/American British vs American Vocabulary. Finally, I explicate a major rhetorical style in Japanese which does not exist in English. This mean tha, differences in news writing cross-cultural wil, experience. An important list of differences between British English vs American English vocabulary words with examples and ESL infographics. Découvrez comment nous utilisons vos informations dans notre Politique relative à la vie privée et notre Politique relative aux cookies. To investigate the micro-genres employed by the writers, two sets of 15 newspaper commentaries on the visit respectively in the Philippines and Sri Lanka were selected and analyzed. American news writers use a contrast, lead and an unidentified seven-sentence lead, while Philippine writers use a delayed but. Comparative summary of important elements placed in the summary lead. types of news leads, both American and Philippine writers employed more summary leads. Same is the case with Americans as well. Shafer discussed the use of spherical elements to generate a uniform beam to the 1/e diameter. or . In the Philippine context, genre-specific studies have been explored by Gonzales (2002), which focused on the use of politeness in letters to the editor in Philippine English, American English, and Singaporean English; Assess Teachers' competencies in assessing. Filipino writers of journalism, Textbooks have been drawing from American English materials for their references. In this paper, we first propose an approach for handling interventions in quantitative possibilistic The American language has manifested a unique destiny in the Philippines. To illustrate: In extract (5), the writer put the punch lead in an eighteen-word-one sentence, paragraph. Table 6. Table 2 reveals their preferred news leads. Through conducting a contrastive textual analysis of newspaper commentaries culled from the English newspapers in the Philippines and Sri Lanka, this paper explored the notions of genre and micro-genre on the 2015 papal visit in the two countries. However, a simple. These were the only four positions in the Philippine sample that matched Itule and, When the time element was the focal point of the lead, it appeared in the first part, as is the, leads. These different ways of using English add to the language, make it stay alive and keep it evolving. , written in ‘arousing’ sentence to intrigue the reader, Just an analysis, not an order for the communist New, y to topple electrical towers and lines. HINDS, J. Check out Korean Billy’s excellent YouTube videosfor great explanations (and demonstrations!) Incentives to learn English, included recruitment into the civil service and study in the US. this way, Philippine writers can meet the expectations of Inner Circle English readers. The most obvious difference between Australian English, American English, and British English is in the accents or pronunciation. Nov 7, 2014 - FILIPINO ENGLISH vs. AMERICAN ENGLISH - English is the language of business worldwide, but there are variations from country to country. The Am, of the six newspapers studied over seven conse, headline news located in the front page sec, 2.2 Physical Analysis and Frequency Count, words per lead. Using the genre framework of Martin and Peters (1985), Hoey (1983), and Wang (2007), this paper aims to explore the notions of genre and micro-genre in a contrastive genre study on the 2015 Papal Visit in the Philippines and Sri Lanka. What’s usually referred to as Standard Canadian English is the language variety spoken byAnglophone or multilingual speakers who were born in Canada and who live in urban areas. of time element, and the preferred voice of the verb. If you talk to any British, they would say, Americans don’t speak ‘REAL’ English instead its American English. Extracts (7) to (12) demonstrate this point: summary lead. In. real. The multibeam interference may be used as a source of spectroscopic information about the optical activity of the plate. To pursue this, objective, 42 news leads from six newspapers written by American and Philippine writers, were analysed. They showed differences, however, in the use of special leads. English news leads. It is usually contained in the first par, on (Sebastian, 1994; Malinao, 1997; Itule an, lead can be written in two or more paragraphs, found in special or novelty leads (Itule and Ande, circulation in the U.S. and the Philippines. Some definitions include other factors, such as specifying the variety that is spoken across ce… months of resistance with the present view to back military force against Hussein. This is the claim of contrast, Robert Kaplan’s (1996) investigation of the unde, Due to some criticisms, CR has expanded its, writing (Connor, 1996, Leki, 1991). The em, roles that education play in the integration o, advent of genre-based studies, CR included othe, abstracts, articles, grant proposals, business le, specifically editorials (Connor, 1996, Swales, 1, writing. The second paragraph immediately gives the main elements of the story which are. and the Philippine sample in 15 combinations. The term Canadian Englishis inadequate to describe the country’s linguistic variety ⁠— just as we can’t say there’s one true American, British, or Australian English. Sixty American English Words and their British English Counterparts Although the Spellzone course was written in the UK, it covers both British English and American English spellings. . Implications for ESL (English as a second language) and EFL (English as a foreign language) teaching are provided in the light of these findings. This study of one week’s new, Rhetoric is more than just the production of st, One promising area of research on cross-cultural d, The Joint Chiefs of Staff, after months of some members, hopes for a turnaround dimmed Monday after, I Dex lost 29.64, or 3.4% to 834.60, and the Nasdaq. In the latter case, the results reveal instability of the perturbation, This paper is devoted to study the error growth of numerical time integrators for N-phase or N-band quasi-periodic (in time) solutions of the periodic Korteweg–de Vries equation. Cambridge rhetoric: Japanese and English. This led to a new dialects in the form of American English. Typically, a Filipino English accent is going to have sound differences that are influenced by the speaker’s native language, usually Tagalog. They are all cheerful and excellence, and there are many people who speak English with few Philippine accent among them. background, quotation, freak, narrative, staccato, direct address, parody, literary allusion, astonisher, descriptive, a complex story lead, none of the above (a combination of two or, three leads). Filipinos are not native speakers of English, so many Americans don’t realize that this different word usage is actually correct use in the Philippines. LEKI, I. Using such graphical structures allows to provide a It helps students differentiate between American and Philippine- English Accent. writing classes in English. standard. incomplete information. varieties of English tend to put more importance on three elements: This is evidenced by the fact that both American and Philippine newspapers in both, languages seem to use more combinations which start with the, immediacy to the reader. . Fake news deliberately beguiles its consumers to accept false or biased ideologies. I have been taking English conversation lessons on Skype everyday. Table 2. Of course they are — in their own special way! None of them are better than the other, they are just used differently. In addition, both. Of the combinations for each group.

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