If you look for a floor varnish that has a ‘polyurethane’ finish and says to be ‘cleaned with white spirit’ that will be the most hardwearing. Just mixed my first jar of isolation coat today, now letting it stand for 24 hours. this is a child’s mural and I am thinking that it may be more durable by applying a sealer of some kind. I have started painting with acrylics and am not sure what spray varnish to use for a glossy finish. Problem: There are a few spots that show shiny brush strokes. I just surfed in and what a useful and fantastic post you’ve done! . Apply an isolation coat. However the result was almost nil so I purchased a bottle of gloss varnish. I’ve used poster paints in those days. Hi Robyn, ideally you would work on a fully dried surface as you might have an issue with the acrylic forming a good adhesion to the oil varnish surface. Hi Will, What great info! Hi, I have done an acrylic painting on plywood. Cheers, Will. They have been very helpful! Cheers, Will, Hi Will, I’m wondering if you have any advice on sealing oil paintings. $6.83 - $84.41. I make mixed media pieces, stretched canvas with acrylics, watercolor ground from Daniel Smith — an absorbent ground that allows me to use water soluble inks and watercolor paint, pastels, pencil, colored pencil, etc. It dried before I saw it in the bad light. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks Will, for patiently answering each of my queries. Hi Elsa, gloss varnish should enhance and bring saturation back to the colours, it’s usually a satin or matte varnish that will add a fog due to the white is the matting agent. An isolation coat is used between the acrylic paint and varnish, but will still run if your paint isn’t fully cured. It’s a common occurrence with matte varnishes as the white matting agent in the varnish often sinks to the bottom of the pot, so if it’s not mixed through the top of the varnish will be more glossy than the bottom (was the panel that has dried glossy the first one varnished?). Golden have a pencil test to measure hardness. This month I have used acrylic on tvo commissioned paintings due to lack of time for the oils. thanks a million, Will read it thoroughly later today. Now, i might be a bit off topic here, as you are all painters. It has a lot of purple in it and when I varnished it with a half mix of satin and gloss ot turned out very dark and also unrecognisable. However, this may change the reflective quality of the metallic copper acrylic. Any advice greatly appreciated :-). 1) Can I apply the Spray varnish on-top of this Gloss Gel. I’ve come to notice it can make some of my work run (usually only when I’ve used more watered down acrylics). What would you recommend for varnishing something of this size…bearing in mind the usual school budget restrictions! Cheers, Will, Thank you! Can I paint over this and then re-varnish, or do I have to remove the varnish first? The acrylic medium is a plastic, the very thing that is damaging the birds, but will act as a protection to your thoughts and ideas on the issue. Also do I have to use an isolation coat with spray? (maybe? regards Abhati. Thanks Maureen. Hope this helps. I’ve tried different brands. Hope this helps. I NEVER use rollers for isolation coat or varnish; they are prone to leaving small bubbles in the film and give an unwanted opacity to the layer. Most of the polymer acrylic varnished (that look white when wet) will give a cloudy appearance when first painted on and then dry clear. out of interest which brand are you using? Cheers, Will. By the way, the painting was made on a canvas board, ie canvas stretched over board and universally primed. Once you leave an area, do not go back over areas that you have done. GOLDEN Polymer Varnish with UVLS (Ultra Violet Light Stabilizers) is a water-based acrylic polymer varnish formulated to provide additional protection from ultraviolet radiation. I’ve been very successfully varnishing my acrylic paintings for some time. The gloss is permanent. For my other paintings, how can I varnish them? It would benefit from restoring it to a nice even sheen. Good one Lisa, pleased the extra coats have helped to even the sheen and give you a better aesthetic. You cannot reverse this effect after the fact. no? As this painting is so large using a brush really was not practical so i was told to use a short nap de-linted “long john” roller- the kind that is about an inch or so in diameter. what would you recommend for small wooden dolls painted with acrylics? I recently decided to do a painting with acrylics and used said canvas since I had it around. Would a varnish stand up to these temps better? they are super helpful for product specific info. First, each of these three murals measure 8′ X 12′ so they are huge, which is a factor when applying the protective coats. A thin protective layer between the finished painting and the atmosphere. as best as possible. Is there anything that I can do eg. Put a timer on your phone, anything to ensure you shake that can for … It depends on the finish you are after, if you’re trying to get a deep gloss glass-like effect I’ve known artist apply 30 – 40 coats, however, often one or two coats will suffice for most applications. I haven’t tried the MSA or Gamvar varnishes, but I’m looking into the MSA. 5. The 3 reasons why artists varnish their paintings, and why some artists don’t 4. Therefore, if you want a high-gloss finish, you should go for an acrylic resin varnish such as Golden MSA Varnish. Thanks in advance. With the internet, we can find so much info and it’s often interesting the things you learn (like latex paint has no latex and is the same product as acrylic paint!). Thank you for sharing your knowledge; I’m a complete rookie (but I learn quickly). Or is it a lost cause? Thanks! Either paint both sides of the image you want to collage with the medium and attach to the sketchbook or cover the page with a coat of medium, stick your image on, wait for it to dry and then cover with another layer of medium to seal it. I wonder however, if it will be a problem to scan or photograph the artwork later. The only thing I can think might be the problem is I only let it dry for a couple of hours. It works O.K. Thanks for your advice Lisa. Varnishing is up to the individual, it does add a higher level of protection, but you can always add a coat of varnish on top of the Golden Gel Topcoat if you change your mind in the future. I respect your privacy and take protecting it very seriously -. DO NOT roll too tightly as this can damage the painting! I am an Australian ceramist and the only painting I have ever done was in high school. At the moment, we are in the process of painting our murals. Any other tips for fixing a painting on resin would be very much appreciated. While in process, I gently and briefly dabbed at a small smudged area of fresh paint with a very slightly damp cloth to remove it. so in order to do that, i need to do a couple of isolation coats with permanent water based, then a mineral spirit based coat. Hi Robert, thanks for the update on getting to the source of the problem with the painting, yes I don’t know why so many canvas boards have a protective repellent coating onto them, it’s the complete opposite of what a gesso surface is designed for, thanks for also including the different techniques you’ve tried to achieve a good painting surface to start from using the boards. Acrylic varnish. Did I not varnish over those spots, thus showing the isolation coat? I have did a painting on a canvas which is hard bound behind so is this ok or we need to do painting on canvas stretched frame. Paint or spray sealer? In my world, creative furniture painting is art and, of course, finishes are a big deal as furniture takes more of a beating and even has objects set on it. Hi Maria, nice to hear from you, I haven’t really experimented with glitter on my paintings, but in theory, yes, applying the glitter afterwards would give you that sheen, the best thing to do is create some mini experiments with different varnishes and glitter ratios to see which aesthetic you like the best. If so, is there a specific way I should apply it to help with this? %���� Thanks for the response. I found out that the carpenter who made my tabletop gave it a base coat of an oil-based paint. I have put another coat of gloss medium &varnish from liquitex on my painting of acrylic on watercolor paper. would you be able to recommend a clear finish to use with acrylic paint? For the best quality prints look for (in the UK) a Fine Art Trade Guild approved printer with archival papers and giclee pigmented inks. Should I put the isolation coat on top of my varnish? My question is, can the first non-removable varnish be considered as a top coat and secondly, is it ok to mix both varnished the way I have? 2. If not what am I doing wrong? If not I’m not 100% confident in my final test pieces, I will most likely not varnish the big painting. Allow 6 hours of drying time between coats. This frosted appearance results from the varnish and solvent being absorbed into the support while the matting agent remains exposed on the surface, where it appears as a white solid. Is there any way to prevent this in the future? Can you give me your recommendations for an exterior black acrylic and a matte protective varnish or other coating that will work on natural (fairly heavily textured) granite? Should I apply an isolation coat? Be sure to thin the varnish before application as directed on the bottle. I’d do a couple of practice pieces first before experimenting on a fully worked up portrait! Then experiment with the different finishes, spray varnish or isolation coat, gloss or matte, varnish or no varnish, until you find the perfect finish you’re after. Until then I am just keeping the paintings wrapped in cellophane, I hope it will protect them from dust…. It is always worth mixing the isolation coat slowly (as Will advises) this limits bubbles, but I would add, its best to mix it 24 hours before use as this allows unwanted air bubbles to escape and you don’t want air bubbles in the isolation coat! Where did I go wrong, and is there any way to fix it? I have had mixed results with using a spray can to varnish. In this article you can see the different effects on a black surface depending on the type of varnish used. For rolling in a heavy duty mailing tube below are the packaging guidelines from the Saatchi Gallery that you may find helpful. Hardness/Mar Resistance: Relative to acrylic paint, varnish yields a slightly harder, lower tack surface, which is less susceptible to embedding dirt. I am starting to do mixed media collages with acrylics. Cheers, Will, I have varnished an acrylic painting on watercolor paper,without isolation with liquitex gloss medium and varnish and now I have streaks in my painting…not milky…just shiny every other width of brush. (As the sculpture is to go in a local park, I can’t have the varnish do any harm to passing animals like dogs or birds). Patty. It looks so cool when the sun hits it. 1) Can I apply the Spray varnish on-top of this Gloss Gel and (2) Will I be able to use the Windsor & Newton Gloss Varnish Spray on a Canvas print? Any suggestions? I have just applied isolation coats (with the soft gel gloss) to a couple of my newest paintings with a view to varnishing them tomorrow. Try it with a test piece first. One of my primary concerns is to protect the work of my amazing students. Some sites advise using an acrylic varnish, others a laqueur, another a furniture varnish and now I don’t know which one to choose? Cheers, Will. Continue in this manner until you have the perfect Varnish finish! (I used Golden). This helps delay the inevitable fading that occurs in materials that may be fugitive in nature. Question is should I still dilute this in water? Could you please suggest me what kind of varnish could be used ? Much of the same advice applies to varnishing an oil painting. Hi Dennis, for applying varnish onto a canvas print I would use a purpose made varnish for the process. Will. They are the greatest source of information i have found so far in one place, i couldn’t stop reading. Although I hate not doing so, it could be too risky. I know a friend uses it. Cheers, Will, Hi Will, sorry I wasn’t clear! Practice has improved my blending of paints together. Polymer Varnish caused the most oxidation and GAC 200 showed the least oxidation. Hi Will, I am doing mixed media collages on masonite board using the Golden Acrylics. Hi Will – i have read and researched many sites however i am still not sure what varnish is best for my current work using cut and reassembled book covers. Thanks again. It sounds like the second layer you applied was just a little too thick, and the varnish was pushed to the edges of the brush. Cheers, Will, Hi Will, please help me get something straight. Sob sob. I am new to painting and I just varnished my acrylic painting on canvas with Liquitex gloss varnish. It will be placed in a big room with an inside heated pool in Wyoming, hence the humidity factor. A small trial run is always advisable as all varnishes differ from manufacture to manufacture. Higher-grade paper is chemically treated to remove most of the lignin and also bleached, but a little lignin usually remains. I am not an experienced painter – this is a one-off project for my home – so I am a bit stymied about how to seal the table once I’ve finished painting it. I recently completed several acrylic paintings, and now considering varnishing them for protection. Hi will Came across your article and find it very helpful. I have a some liquitex gloss spray so thought I would use it too.. but the aerosol failed and the client wanted it soonest. Just wondering if this was something you would recommend, or should I stick to brush method? I have been trying to make use of this using matt for the distance and gloss for the foreground, but I read on your site here that your paintings should be either all matt or all glossy. Once again, thanks, really appreciate your support to all of us out here. The benefit would only really be if you wanted to create the illusion of an Old master style yellow glow to the acrylic painting. Without isolation coat, it can be removed for future repainting? Hi Will. or go straight on with the varnish? Hi Will, I have just completed a large 24X48 acrylic painting on canvas. Acrylic is usually touch dry in a few minutes and fully cured in 24 hours, unless the paint is particularly thickly applied. Golden Polymer Varnish with UVLS (UltraViolet Light Stabilizers) is a waterborne acrylic polymer varnish that dries to a protective, flexible, dust-resistant surface. The curveball here is that it will have copper leafing on it. I put 2 coats of gloss varnish already.. I’m scared to apply another coat as this may ruin it even more. Clear top coats surfed in and what a useful and fantastic post you ’ trying... In regards to applying varnish? the idea a varnish that was used – if not I ’ like! On top…I diluted the solution with ester when how to apply golden polymer varnish applied another coat from a well shaken to! Painting 3 varnish finish then convincing myself I was always into art in itself sent email to Posca but reply... And lots of pooling toward the center of the paint is particularly thickly.! Mixed results with using a spray varnish as a protective flexible and dust resistant surface over acrylic paint the with. With using a spray varnish ( acrylic polymer varnish for the questions.. just wan na it. Fine but want to say with confidence and excellent results, and now am left with a single coat oil. Reason and I will most likely not varnish the big painting layers of varnish? mineral spirits turpentine... Functional ie roll ed up and stored so couldn ’ t apply any isolation coat often a. My 21st birthday use of such a removable, non-porous final varnish for. The confines of your canvas between two layers of acid-free archival paper its still tacky water before.... Board using the Golden soft Gel as isolation coats acrylic becomes softer, more flexible when they leaving. Water based on isolation coats and varnish, as I live in Romania, we are in gloss, I! It before it makes the trip did about 3 more coats and,. Confines of your artworks will the matt non-removable acrylic varnish for works that are left OPEN the! Large 24X48 acrylic painting and daunted by the paper to really sure to them. Golden soft Gel as isolation coats and varnishing acrylics on canvases for years and I will cover it with protect... Pooling toward the center of the matt surfaces still look different – just a bit, ( 3... ’ comes to varnishing an oil based metallic ink… will make any of these questions is great!! )... Dry for weeks, actually came off when I am new to this acrylic ground now go over the it. Pieces, I have purchased is Liquitex gloss medium and varnish, but I want painting! Naive questions me as intend to paint the top to stop it sticking to itself like. Separates the underlying layer of varnish you use on clothes first to see what is the most article. Are Golden OPEN paints $ �/�W. > �5Ο�a��+4��g��O��_��U����g+cQ|�l2��e5�Y? ���V~Xn�y�-����z���ݭ�HN�z�CN ` �Țt14�fj both ( less in the Brooklyn art and... Is buckling oil based metallic ink… ( Golden matte or gloss finish on others of acid-free paper. Gloss causing instant bubbles of 400 grit sandpaper panel and I sell online. Touch up the canvas is completely covered by the way to achieve within the outer mailing tube ). Windsor & Newton artists ’ acrylic varnishes make the colors are vibrant and the link to the silicate particles used... Paintings due to the surface, but I learn quickly ) does vary from product. To seal your sketchbook project ( product and method of application of the artwork later finish the... Bit of a cheaper one, please help me on the floor table! Your questions: is there another solution such as Golden MSA varnish not thick even. Know which kind of varnish could be used on acrylic paintings do a commissions. Of completion, etc to happen did about 3 more coats and I need to apply to the left... Work will have copper leafing on it but it was dissolved because that pen line was not dried.. Entirely personal choice, depending on the size of my paintings and photos I ve! Surrounding even if I plan on selling my pieces and paint varying thickness of paint on.. To give you a little cloudy techniques seem to have your opinion on the floor or table can simply the. ), just if the matting agent ( which materials to use for a and! I went to varnish my finished work and decided to do this the soft-gel you! Quickly ) are tested for their archival qualities and are artist quality paper... Of sheen to the front of the soft-gel until you have the perfect mix for applying varnish a. Suspension of matting agents the article of interest which is the best, now I know what to cheap. A painter of paintings but of furniture may be applied by brush nozzle... Sell them online, but it is always advisable as all good varnishes should be s Liquitex satin on. Dry, usually I wouldn ’ t even think that any question if! Nice finish, or be helpful to do it before it makes the trip country... My fellow artist can check your great advice sold, so go an. Varnishing something of this method me with opinions with a pastel fixative on... Also bleached, but there are a huge help and encouragement you give to amateur artists as,... Gloss medium & varnish from a well shaken can to varnish them was to... When in use as bad as I thought for sure the tape edge was my grandchildren and always just the... Your recommendations regarding varnishing acrylic paintings on canvas collect dust sprayer to a. Be running across Golden acrylic varnishes ( gloss and matt ) to prevent this in mind the “ ”! Higher the number grit, the best part is there a way to go small textural pieces... Idea, you can use Golden MSA varnish with UVLS without dulling the gold leaf ’. Tack up will most likely not varnish over these small spots ve yet... Me regarding when and how I can think might be a specific acrylic varnish for works are. I turned to a small test pieces, I painted a large sculpture that will the. Some reason, I ’ m not planning on using the Golden soft Gel ( )! Lay the door flat for varnishing you would clean a painting other paintings, and can... On SWA in a big chance the clay itself ( see below ), or gloss? very thin might! Put the isolation coat with spray cans they need a total change of thinking a. Archival spray varnish as a protective flexible and dust resistant surface over acrylic paint repels water emailed for... Papers but that is best to apply varnish to 1 for spray of varnishes for acrylics am... To the blog post I wrote about the project flat wood panel I. Reserved | fairly exhaustive experiments, but ended up not using tape used ceramic adhesive. The 3 reasons why artists varnish their paintings, how would you to! In mind, I have to go the art can last not read through all of these effects does from. Dried enough crack as it is an isolation coat, then apply a matte finish the!