0000158311 00000 n 0000054111 00000 n Your childcould be taken into care You will receive a letter before proceedings Your local authority is very worried that your child is not being looked after properly or is out of control. A 14 year old can't possibly know what's best for her though. I think what they need is one to one family therapy and help to relate to each other as you can't pigeon hole people into a one size fits all mentality. They can work from there, get some help, get talking.If she's just planning on dumping her there without agreement, then the grandmother must choose whether to accept that and turn it into the above, or phone social services and report the child as abandoned or something. National statistics do not exist, but it is estimated that between 3.2% and 9% of adoptions fail, with the child either being taken back into care, or leaving the family home. Some of the most common reasons for a child or young person being taken into care include abuse, neglect, family breakdown or a parent or child’s illness or disability. The CPS investigator is required to explain to you why the child is being taken from you. hޤT[lU���vg�=3�Yz�Q��S%l��Є�/>X�egJo�ݝ���v�қ��{qZD�]/mA��K)Uk��H���`b"��E���l�m�'O�r�����9s 8�^qr��8��D�b��-Y��ӿ��-�@�'���$p�,P�n\Q?ݻ9��b�~���n̮��~�(7�Χ#6�����u��G�?tN2�gfF&. (the reason for the girl's behaviour). 0000132797 00000 n 0000015707 00000 n 0000062423 00000 n We had not long lost my dad (he was like her fatehr to be honest) and I had just had another baby (within weeks) i think all of that happening in a 15 yo life was going to have an affect. She is fantastic with advice in these situations. 0000018975 00000 n 0000132623 00000 n 0000103817 00000 n There was good points being in care like being able to do whatever you want and no one able to do fuck all if you felt like staying out for a week/getting drunk and fucked up/ refusing to go to school but it was awful knowing no one actually gave a real shit about you. My child is 5 years old and has now been in foster care since October 2012. In the next few days, you will get a … 0000176506 00000 n Your child could be taken into care You will receive a letter before proceedings Your local authority is very worried that your child is not being looked after properly or is out of control. Could it be unpicked somehow? This can be for up to 8 weeks at first. your ex-partner hasn’t returned your child when they should … 0000053870 00000 n 0000006559 00000 n When a child gets taken into care, it's not always against a family's wishes - sometimes the parents themselves make the difficult initial call. I think a Child can be removed at 16, but they can apply to the Courts to be returned home and the Judge has to give full consideration to the Child's wishes. 0000103871 00000 n The girl has no idea what being in care at 14 is like.Are there any other relatives who could have her for a few weeks and maybe host some mediative talks between mother and dd? 0000176844 00000 n As Annie was to discover, once a baby is taken into care, it can be extremely difficult to get them back. If everyone connected with the girl refuses to have her, then she is most likely to end up in B&B accommodation in the short-term, and a hostel in the medium-to-long term. We have a good relationship but in all honesty, i don't think we can live together - doesn't mean i don't love her and wouldnt die for her though! where is the child's father? I want dd to go into care, I can't do this anymore. The court will decide if you need an urgent hearing. No matter how they behaved. Illness within the family: whether it be the child or parent. She is a child in need I can't meet her needs, I have another child she is torturing also. So they are thinking about whether to ask a court if your child should be taken into care. You, your child or the local authority can apply to end the order or change it to a supervision order at any time. You or your child must appeal against a care order within 21 days of the order being made. 0000007408 00000 n If your niece's granny has her, then SS will not take her. ‘I … 0000114142 00000 n They also said that unannounced visits are welcome. 0000010966 00000 n 0000090388 00000 n 0000090364 00000 n 1 Like; Aug 25, 2018 She should move heaven and earth to make it work. 0000163067 00000 n 0000068224 00000 n So i posted here a few weeks ago, I have my neice for a while as her mum is away at the moment and unable to care for her, I've [...] - Poster:Dan78yds - Page: 2 - Pages:7 - … This doesn't make me an expert or anything, but I do have some small experience with families in crisis and with troubled teenage girls.If the grandmother has agreed to take her, then I would suggest you do nothing beyond supporting them all and perhaps finding out where they can go for help at this point. 0 A care order is given by a court. At the start of care proceedings, the council asks the family court to make a temporary court order, called an ‘interim care order’. By Natasha Courtenay-Smith for MailOnline Updated: 03:24 EST, 30 April 2008 0000158848 00000 n There are a few circumstances where this applies: If you need short-term or temporary care in a care home, your home won't be in the means test. Maintain your overall health by eating … We have to face many hurdles, from the lack of adequate respite provision to verbal abuse on the streets. 0000005705 00000 n That her daughter would come back after a week or two with a more constructive attitude? To remind you that you cannot use your au pair for childcare all day every day. If it's really just "usual 14 year old stuff" plus "anything for a quiet life" parenting, then the chances of your niece being taken into care are almost zero. startxref To comment on this thread you need to create a Mumsnet account. 0000004484 00000 n is there other family that could take the girl temporarily to let mother and daughter have a bit of space from each other? I can't believe anyone would just dump their child tbh. And there must be a reason why the dd is behaving this way - a child cannot be blamed for their behaviour imo.This is not to say that I don't empathise with the SIL. There are many reasons that children end up in this type of program but the most popular reasons have been: 1. If your care home is permanent, it won't be counted if it's still occupied by: I'm not judging your SIL either btw.Maryz's advice is excellent as usual. By not re arranging her work to go to parenting classes, your sil is not really trying everything she can first in my opinion. Childrens homes are horrible, unstable places for a child to be. Therefore it is often in the best interest of the child to be taken into care if all other support fails, either permanently (if the illness or injury is terminal or results in fatality) or for the period of recovery. How awful. 0000090177 00000 n When ‘care proceedings’ are commenced this means that a court is going to decide whether or not your child should be taken into care. In some cases your child may be placed in temporary care whilst the court makes a decision. 0000003576 00000 n In some situations, your home won't be taken into account in the means test. The Court will ask the parents if there is anyone they wish to put forward to be considered as alternative carers if the children cannot be returned to one or both parents. If your child's social worker decides it is not in your child's best interests to wait any longer and that your child should be removed from your care straight away, the social worker may apply to court to ask a magistrate or judge for an order that your child should be removed against your wishes. 0000006644 00000 n 0000054057 00000 n 0000090246 00000 n I do know that teens can be a nightmare. 0000179115 00000 n Do we place our disabled daughter in residential care? The relationship between my SIL and her 14 year old DD has broken down to the level that SIL is happy her DD to go into foster care. If you do not agree with the local authority’s care plan for your child If your children are subject to care proceedings, you have the right to your own solicitor. 0000124153 00000 n 0000103948 00000 n Well I’m sorry but you must have been contacted about the child going into care/been adopted out. If I had a say, which I know I do not, I would advise against telling social services she's abandoned her at her grandmothers. perception - i think you are right there. My dad put me in care, he refused to take me back, refused to let me stay with his mum and I refused to to go with him. Like Michelle said, go with your gut, you’ll know if a daycare is right for your child or not. Does the grandmother know that this is happening?I am not an expert, my boys are only just teens, but I did used to work as the residential support at a project for young women with behavioural problems. 0000163241 00000 n 0000005666 00000 n The Children Act 1989 lays down the circumstances under which it is appropriate for a child to be taken into care or a supervision order made. I would never judge a parent in this situation - it is almost impossible to know just how awful a teenager is behaving at home, because almost all of them behave better elsewhere and save their worst stuff for 'behind closed doors'. 0000003930 00000 n To think that high levels of children being sent to school are the beginnings of lockdown resistance from the working age population, Talk widget showing discussions of the day & trending threads, Subscribe to Mumsnet emails direct to your inbox.